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Projects - Co-creation

Urban Integrated Diagnostics Partnership (2015-7)
Urban Integrated Diagnostics Partnership (2015-7)

Collaborated with the University of Bristol, University of the West of England and other city partners to develop a successful £0.5m partnership bid – Urban Integrated Diagnostics -  to the seven UK Research Councils and Innovate UK. Responsible for working with the Urban ID team to critique equality and inclusion aspects of the research and to co-create one of the five case studies.

Sustrans five-year organisational strategy (2013)
Sustrans five-year organisational strategy (2013)

Reporting to the Chief Executive, I designed and led an internal process to work with the Senior Management Team and the Board of Trustees to develop the new Sustrans five year strategy (2013-2018).

Bristol Day
Bristol Day (2016)

Designed, co-ordinated and managed a full-day event for 150 people to come together to share ideas about the future of Bristol as part of the Festival of the Future city.

Travel behaviour change training  (2013-14) 
Travel behaviour change training  (2013-14) 

Whist heading up the national programme of travel behaviour change or “smarter choices” projects at Sustrans I researched, developed and delivered a one-day training module to introduce all staff to the theory and practice of behaviour change.

Sustainability Appraisal Tool (2007-09) 
Sustainability Appraisal Tool (2007-09) 

Whilst working at Arup I was responsible for managing a global, multi-disciplinary team of in-house experts and establishing a new partnership with Engineers Against Poverty to develop a sustainability appraisal tool (SPeAR/ASPIRE).  The team developed new indicators to assess poverty reduction impacts of major infrastructure projects.

Uganda Four Districts Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Programme Design Phase
Uganda Four Districts Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Programme Design Phase (1999)

Prepared the winning technical and financial bid for this 12 week consultancy for the Department for International Development East Africa.  As Team Leader was responsible for managing a multi-disciplinary team of eight expatriate and local specialists. The team carried out extensive fieldwork and designed a £22m six year programme for bilateral funding.

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